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The Writer’s Life 24

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At the same time, this only worsens the situation of prisoners suffering from mental illness. Research shows that isolation in solitude can lead to breaking the law and increasing violence within prison walls. Sort by alphabet order and use the correct citation style. You need to confirm which method you will use from your letter recommendations. You can use citation creators to make your job easier. The ideal way to improve your research skills is to spend some time doing it…

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The only thing is to isolate the criminals in a special cell. This is usually done as a punishment for prisoners who break the rules while in prison. Today in the U.S., about 8,000 inmates are held in solitary confinement every day.. On average, prisoners are held indoors for twenty-two to twenty-four hours a day. Those who agree to solitary confinement defend this act, stating that it is necessary to discipline prisoners who break the rules while in solitary confinement….

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