An hourly wage would be even better, but pay is by no means a problem for me. In my experience, editors, interviewers and the administrative team work with integrity and respect. This job is a great addition to your resume if you have just finished college and need more professional writing experience. Thank you for taking the time to leave this review. We sincerely regret hearing that you are negative towards the company based on your experience. Before blocking writers’ accounts due to poor performance, we can often take into account mitigating circumstances. However, if the quality of the given text is consistently low and we do not see any improvement, it usually means that the writer is not the right fit for the team…

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We understand that you asked us to take a look at the editors who are on our team. If you would like to discuss any of your interactions with staff that were unsatisfactory, please contact Writer Success. We wish you all the best as you continue the email with us. With an ultius account, a customer can log in to the ultius Registration Portal to track the work done and to praise or complain about the work done. You will not find such an incredible strategy in any undoubtedly free online newspaper. Ask questions about the topic Ultius helps create a learning atmosphere for the final review.

You pointed out that, in your opinion, salaries cannot be considered full-time income. Since our writers are freelance contractors, we do not guarantee that a certain amount of work will be available at any given time. You have also noticed an issue of ethics in our service and we want to address it directly. Ultius is a platform that connects freelance writers and clients seeking personalized content..

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Sorry you had a general negative impression of Ultius because of what you spent on the team. We want to find time to review the content of your review..

Pretty ridiculous, but they portray it as “self-plagiarism” which does not really exist. Summer high school jobs get paid for challenging intellectual jobs in which you need at least some postgraduate experience to do well. A strange corporate culture that unleashes the attitude of a world-class technology starter, but does not compensate even close to the required level. Working in QA was a headache because I had to constantly clean up the mess with poorly trained / supported writers and staff. A consequence of the enterprise having to lower standards to find impulses ready to work to get a very low compensation..

QA has a “feel” of working at the Amazon Fulfillment Center, which is another insult given the intellectual nature of the position. Overall, working at Ultius has been a strange experience working with a company that has nothing to do with the basic services it offers. The company is trying to act like Uber or Airbnb, but make no mistake, this is an essay factory..

Most assignments come from college students who do not want to write their own work and pay Ultius writers to do so. The company has changed significantly over the past year or so, with numerous editors, article managers and unnecessary intermediaries. This generated more cons than positives in terms of customer engagement. It also allowed more egos to emerge so that people at the editorial level felt more superior to writers and treated them like children…

Our clients are prohibited from using the sample content they receive for an academic loan and this is stated in our legal documents. Finally, you showed that you do not know what our internal editors do. Ultius editors are a valuable asset to the company, ensuring that all sketches comply with the standard before being delivered to clients. If you would like to discuss any details from this review or our response, we invite you to contact our Human Resources manager. At the moment, it bothers me a little that young writers have not been given a single chance to prove themselves. I read a lot of positives from the authors about working at Ultius, but these writers have been working for the company as freelance writers for at least six months. Paying for the work that writers do is certainly fair.


If you would like to discuss this in more detail, we recommend that you contact our Human Resources manager directly. You mostly write articles for dumb college kids who are lazy and unable to write. Sometimes they will be rude and ask for crazy things. The company will mark you and force a pay cut for minor writing problems, most of which are caused by the client’s own negligence. They do not like many writers because they really do not want to pay you. After all, they want to maintain the influx of young writers in order to have an impact on their employees. You will be fired for minor misconduct that is extremely unimportant, e.g. have an identical sentence in a document from another document submitted by the author..

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