Monetize your events

Eventer plugin allow your website visitors to register for the events online. Multiple ticket types can be made for any event which can be free or paid. Payments can be done via your choice of offline payment mode or online via PayPal.

Recurring events registration

Recurring events for multiple dates have their own count of available tickets and gets updated as per the user registrations on date basis.

Check Features & Shortcodes

Filter your events


Arrow links allows you to move between days, weeks, months, years as per your chosen view type.


Users can toggle between views of the events list from options between days, weeks, months and years.


Directly jump to any day, week, month, year in any view. These options will increment as you go forward.


Sort available events in list by your event categories, tags, event venues and event organizers.

Show your events

Use eventer’s shortcode generator to show your events in multiple styles.
Everything fully responsive for all devices.

Events Calendar

Events Grid

Events List

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Core Features

Full Width Calendar

Eventer allows you to add a full width events calendar on your website to show events created in the WP along with events from Google Calendar.

Preview in Calendar

Eventer plugin has built in function which allows your website visitors to see events important info like ticket details in a quick view popup.

QRCode Integration

Eventer automatically adds a working QR Code on your event tickets which carries registration ID of that booking. You can scan this QR Code at check in time.

Front End Event Submission

Using this feature, your website users can add their events with all details from a form available on front end of your website. Can be used by website admin as well.

Unlimited Organizers

There is no limit for the number of event organizers you would like to add to your website. Add organizers with their contact info for direct connection with registrants.

Unlimited Venues

There is no limit for the number of event venues you would like to add to your website. Include address of the venue using the integrated Google Maps Module.

Featured Images

Attach featured image to your events, organizers, venues, categories to beautify your website with unique look for every page and style.

Repeating Events

Use Eventer’s advanced recurring events function to repeat you one event for years with interval from every day, every week, every month and so many more options.

PayPal Payments

Eventer comes with PayPal payment gateway integrated by default which you can use to get started with selling your event tickets right after the installation.

Offline Payments

If you wish to collect only the event registrants details like name, phone and email then you can use offline payment mode and collect payment in cash or bank.

Woocommerce Integration

Eventer works in the core of the Woocommerce plugin enables you to use the full potential of this wonderful plugin from the cart to checkout all seamless.

Page Builders Compatibility

Eventer comes with special shortcodes for WPBakery page builder along with custom shortcodes to use any page builder you are using.

Upcoming Event Countdown

Use the plugin’s built in events countdown timer to show time remaining left for your next event or for a selected event our your choice or from a category, venue etc.

Custom Accent Color

Eventer beautifies the whole front end of your website events part using a single accent color which you can change as per your website’s primary color.

Multi Site Ready

Eventer plugin can be used with a multi site setup of WordPress which makes it easy for you to update plugin for all sites at once with ease of creating new sites.

WPML Compatible

Building a multilingual website, no problem Eventer is fully compatible with WPML plugin. Every language can have it’s own set of events independently.

Advance Filters

Add multiple filter options to your events list including filter by category, tags, venues, organizers, date range. Sort events as per the selected filters for easy navigation.

Social Sharing Module

Eventer comes with a built in social sharing module which let your users share any event from its details page on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google etc.

Save Events Module

Your website visitors can now easily save any of your event as iCal Event or their Google Calendar, Yahoo Calendar, Outlook Calendar and Outlook Online.

Booking System

Eventer’s exclusive ticket booking system is made to ease your website visitors booking tickets for their events, everything just in one place.

Printable Tickets

Eventer automatically send event registrants their tickets on email which they can print easily for check in process. Tickets comes with dynamic QR Code for scan.

Email Notifications

Setup email notifications for organizers, registrants, authors about new event submissions, new booking, pre booking notifications etc.

Multi Day Events

Create new events on your website that lasts for more than a single day. These events will also be show on the events calendar covering the days they happen.

Shortcodes Generator

Our easy to use shortcode generator helps you to create shortcodes with complex set of attributes like selecting specified venue, organizer etc.

Users Dashboard

An exclusive place for your website users to see their past bookings aong with downloading tickets. Submit events to your website and manage them online.

Drag & Drop Form Builder

Create your “Add New Event” front end form using our intuitive drag drop form builder that too on the front end. Add your own set of fields to gather extra info.

Additional Services/Fees

Charge event registrants for some additional services like pick/drop or fees for parking, food and many others. Create as many additional fees/services as you want.

CSV Export Bookings

Export your event bookings in separate csv files for each event. This helps you to manually check in the attendees at the venue by scanning the ticket QR Code.

Upload Events

Upload your own csv file with events data to your Eventer plugin and create events on the go with one click as easy as that. WP All Import plugin works as well.

Custom Permalinks

Change the permalinks structure for your event posts, event categories, event tags, venues, organizers as you need them to show in the URLs.

List View

Choose from available 2 styles of list view for the events, attach them to a customized filters bar. Also scroll and see events between months, years.

Grid View

Choose from available 3 styles of grid view for the events. Either show a plain grid blocks or colored blocks using category color or use event featured image as grid blocks background.

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