Monetize your events

Eventer plugin allow your website visitors to register for the events online. Multiple ticket types can be made for any event which can be free or paid. Payments can be done via your choice of offline payment mode or online via PayPal.

Recurring events registration

Recurring events for multiple dates have their own count of available tickets and gets updated as per the user registrations on date basis.

Filter your events


Arrow links allows you to move between days, weeks, months, years as per your chosen view type.


Users can toggle between views of the events list from options between days, weeks, months and years.


Directly jump to any day, week, month, year in any view. These options will increment as you go forward.


Sort available events in list by your event categories, tags, event venues and event organizers.

Show your events

Use eventer’s shortcode generator to show your events in multiple styles.
Everything fully responsive for all devices.

Events Calendar

Events Grid

Events List

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Ticket Generator

Eventer provide the event registrants a valid ticket on successful payment or registration. Ticket comes with QR Code with unique reg no.

Save Events

Site visitors can save any of the event to their iCalendar on Mac/iPhone/iPad or to their Google Calendar, Outlook App/Online & Yahoo Calendar.

Export Bookings

Export your events bookings in to a csv file for every single event. Change the status of booking as per your need in WP Dashboard itself.

Email Notifications

Event registrants will be sent an email confirming their registration along with link to their event ticket in the email itself.

Contact Event Manager

Users can contact event manager right from the event details page. This email will be sent to the event manager so they can get in touch with the user.

upload Events

Upload your own csv file with events data to your Eventer plugin and create events on the go with one click as easy as that.

Event Manager

Assign a unique email address to each event for the event manager. All notifications and ticket confirmation will be sent to that email.

Easy Translations

Eventer is fully translatable to your own language using the built in pot file. There are several free plugins available to manage translation as well.

Shortcode Generator

Create your own set of shortcodes using the built in easy to use shortcode generator. Show events as per category, venue, tag, organizer.

Social Sharing

Eventer comes with in built social sharing module for your events. Users can share any event on Facebook, Twitter etc. easily.

Multilingual Support

Eventer comes with full support for popular multilingual plugin WPML. Create your website in multiple languages using the Eventer plugin.

Custom Permalinks

Change the permalinks structure for your event posts, event categories, event tags, venues, organizers as you need them to show in the URLs.